Royal Academy of Dance Exams

On Saturday 24th June some of Bell Ballet’s pupils took part in Royal Academy of Dance examinations and class awards. For some younger pupils it was their first experience of participating in an exam as they were entered for the Primary in Dance award.

The run up to the exams for this session seemed to be a testing time! Unfortunately two pupils had to withdraw, meaning a last minute change of timetable was drawn up by our regional co-ordinator. This didn’t affect the running of the day too much and all pupils arrived promptly and smartly to prepare for their exam. It was also within this pre-exam week that the curtains covering the doors were taken down to be washed, a barre bracket came apart and a smoke alarm battery continued to beep insistently, patiently waiting to be changed!
The day itself arrived and all issues of the previous few days seemed to have been put right. Pupils nervously and excitedly arrived, filling the kitchen with ballet and character  uniform, hair pins and a spritz of hairspray. There were mixed emotions as hair was neatly combed back and numbers pinned on leotards, but the resounding feelings when leaving the exam room were those of relief, pride and accomplishment!
Well done to all those involved and thank you for all your hard work.

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